The Retired Programmer

The Retired Programmer programme delivers a set of Open Source projects targeted at not-for-profit organisations or for personal use.

Extendable Text Processor (Extexp)

A Text Processor which can can complete a user defined series of textual transformations.

Typical use cases for the tool are:

The tool is not restricted to these use cases, but these are typical usage.

Status: no current release - final pre-release version 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT

NetBeans Platform Code Generator

A code generator which creates much of the standard application code for a Netbeans Platform Application.

This can include code to support database access, creation and the associated Netbeans Platform entities needed for the application.

Status: current released version is 5.0.1

NBPCG Library

A set of NetBeans Modules which contains classes to support the code generated by NBPCG. One or more of these modules may need including in the build for the NBPCG created application (along with those standard NetBens platform modules.

Status: current release version is 4.0.0